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Frequently Asked Questions

So what is BackDoor?

BackDoor is a platform for practicing technical interviews. It is a community of software engineers who come together to prepare for their upcoming coding interviews. Why We Created BackDoor.

This feature rocks, that feature sucks. How can I let you folks know?

We love feedback. In fact, our favorite discussion topic is you and us.

Please email us any questions, comments, concerns, or other feedback to

Why do I need to signup

BackDoor personalized every practice session to your needs. For instance, you’ll never be asked the same question more than once, even if you practice dozens of times on the platform. Also, by having an account, you get access to feedback that your peers gave you. It only takes 2 minutes! Try it and start practicing.

How do you match me with a practising peer

Multiple factors into account  pair you with a practicing peer. Your background, availability, practice goals, work experience, education, preferred programming languages, selected practicing topics and other factors, are all taken into account in order to come up with the perfect match.

Why are the time slots on the scheduler different colors? What do the colors of the time slots in the scheduler mean?

-Purple is for a 30 minute meeting

-Red is for a 60 minute meeting

What if I have scheduled an interview but can't make it?

We understand that sometimes things happen and you won’t be able to make it to your scheduled interviews. In this case, as a courtesy to your peer, we ask you to log in to your account and either cancel or reschedule the interview. We’ll make sure to find an alternative match for your peer, and you won’t be penalized for making a schedule change. Thanks for the consideration!

Why are called BackDoor?

Receive advice and prep from seasoned tech gurus of your choosing, giving you access to reserved tech interview theory


What's going on in a BackDoor interview?

In each interview, both you and your practice partner interview for 30-60 minutes. You'll get to see each other, chat and solve the questions. 

How long is a practice interview?

We recommend the interview session to be 60 minutes long.

What type of interviews do I get to practice?

Currently, we offer practice for technical interviews for software engineering roles. We plan to add more types of interviews soon. If you want to get an email from us once we’ve add our practical engineering and system design interviews, please join our mailing list.

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