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More Testimonials

tona Obaze.jpeg

Tonna Obaze

Offer from:


Investing Analyst / Product Manager

“Ayo provided extremely helpful guidance while I was interviewing for Facebook's Rotational Product Manager program. His breadth of knowledge on the technology landscape allows him to understand multiple stakeholders and entry points into the industry.”

Tonna Obaze

Kola Alawaiye

Offer from:


Technical Program Manager / Senior Program Manager

“I had challenges getting my resume/profile recognized for Program Manager roles at Microsoft even after multiple information sessions, career fairs and referrals. I was discouraged and stopped applying till I got introduced to Ayo by a mutual friend.”


Johanna Fredrick

Business Integrity Analyst


Offer from:

“With thanks to Ayo Duyile, I recently accepted an offer at Facebook as a Risk Investigator. Having never worked in tech before, I had no idea how to prepare for an interview in tech or even what to expect from one.”

sarah hampton.jpeg

Offer from:

Sarah Hampton

MBA Student Program Manager

“In my first semester of my MBA program, I was super stressed about securing a summer internship. I made it to the final round with Microsoft and was feeling a lot of pressure to succeed. Rohan and Ayo were a great resource.”

Dami Abisogun.jpeg
pngegg (1).png

Offer from:

Dami Abisogun

Business Tech Consultant / Agile Manager

“I reached out to Ayo and his team to prepare for a third round interview with a financial technology company. Ayo and his team leveraged their experience from working in major technology companies to specifically cater our session to the role in which I applied.”

Tobi Itebe.jpeg
pngegg (2).png

Claims Specialist, Product Owner

Offer from:

Tobi Itebe

"I had the pleasure of working with Rohan while attempting to transition from a career working in insurance to a business analyst/product owner role.”

Chiadika Eleh.jpeg

Offer from:

Chiakika Eleh


Infrastructure Engineer

"I met Ayodele on LinkedIn and decided to contact him due to his incredible technical background. He offered to meet with me to chat about his time at Microsoft"


Sade R

Offer from:


Summer Technology Intern

Navigating through career changes is never easy but with Ayodele's help, the process became seamless. He offered exceptional support connecting me with those in roles I aspired to be in, as well offering interview support.

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